He Can Work With It

This Blog was born from a failed book attempt.

(Who isn’t writing a book these days…anyways…)


Technically it didn’t fail.  The book succeeded.

But, when it came time to publish and set up a book tour, I just couldn’t do it.  Not in this season of life.

My husband is a Firefighter.  I have three kids.  How can I possibly be gone for weeks at time?

My editor was the encourager.

“It’s not a no…It’s a not now.”

“Establish your presence with a blog.”

“Join the Blogosphere.”


And so I was shuffled around a bit, paired with an amazing website and blog designer where I was encouraged to select a name and a means of marketing myself galore.

And the whole just felt…wrong.

It just seemed so…not what I had been working towards.

I had just spent two years writing, editing, re-writing, and dreaming of seeing my book in print.  The thought was a bit too much to bear and so I resigned to take a break and pray through the holidays.

And so I prayed…and drank some wine, cried to my husband, whined to friends, and pruned my fingers in a puddle of pity.

What direction should I go?

I had resigned to wait for the perfect platform, design, color scheme, and words before I sat down to write.

And then I realized… if I were to hold true to that notion then I may never sit down and start writing.

So here it is, Hump Day, my kids are resting before Awanas and I just decided to sit down and go for it…again.

Praise that our sweet creator doesn’t expect perfection, He just wants us to come.

And so I am giving Him my passion for writing, my voice, and above all my desire to point to His glory.

I have to exhale and grin, because I truly believe He can work with it.

He will gladly take what I have to say about my beautiful mess of womanhood, motherhood, and being a wife.

He will take what I place in His hands and use it, and transform it, and make it amazing.

Because He is an awesome God and because I am simply willing.

Do you fear starting something new when you are uncertain of the outcome?

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